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Rock Face Grey
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Polyroche Inc.
1061 Rue des forges
Terrebonne,QC Canada
J9Y 0J9
Welcome to PolyRoche.com

About us
PolyRoche Inc. is a Quebec-based corporation launched in 2004 in Montreal. PolyRoche Inc is a pioneer in its domain - the first, best-recognized, longest-standing Canadian distributor and manufacturer of polyurethane decorative panel wall-covering systems. We have created a whole new product demand in the category of exterior-siding materials, category of product which becomes a multimillion-dollar industry. After countless hours of hard work, we have proven that we offer the most inexpensive alternative to costly and time-consuming stone traditional finishing. We are respected for our level of professionalism, our prompt and courteous service, free technical support, high-quality product, and low prices.

Our products

Polyroche Inc products are composed of specially formulated polyurethane. Incorporated in the product are UV inhibitors and fire retardants. Our products can be installed on exterior or interior applications. There are various textures, motifs and colors available. Our professionals have created panel reproductions that derive directly from real stone. This is why our products always deliver a very realistic rock appearance. Furthermore all of our products belong to “do-it-yourself” category of products. In fact, 90% of our customers have installed on their own, purely because of extremely simple installation. Each panel covers a 4 sq/ft area, the panels are 1 foot high by 4 feet long and are sold in boxes containing 4 panels. The panels have tongue and groove technology; they interlock and are installed with screws. The panels are lightweight and extremely durable. They are 100% weather proof and are 100% UV resistant and all of our products have a 20 year warranty.


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